The interest to schnauzers has been "inherited" by me. The first p&s std schnauzer arrived at my parents home when I was 11 years old. My father bred some litter of tem in the 70īs.

The sisters of Parviainen 1980Kirsi & her sisters in a show , appr. year 1980.


Having started her studies in the faculty of veterinary medicine in Helsinki -81, the canine activities slowed down for a moment. A couple of years went by in all the baby boom and looking for regular jobs.

Nursing a dog wasn't the first thing to think of in the normal routine of life, until in the year -94 the family was ready for schnauzer puppy female. Year -95 it got company of a male schnauzer puppy from Sweden.

My first p&s schnauzer litter was born 1997. At first the meaning was to have one litter, once in a lifetime. But what happened... I guess breed knowledge decades back, the actual joy and demands of planning and having litters and obtaining nice results is the reason for continuing, and with more and more ambition. I had real luck for getting a super healthy and lovely producer male "Renny" (Argentaīs Yeoman Yankee) , who has been an important male in finnish schnauzer breeding in the 90īs.

With experience and years I have got my own vision of breeding. In the future I am going on trying to mix different blood lines in order to maintain the breed health, still cherishing the right breed type. The schnauzer must be a dog, which has lot of self confidence and carries himself well. I am very lucky to have good contacts with other breeders here and also in different countries, because this breed has quality breeders in many countries.

I will only breed a litter now and then, because of other activities in life. The schnauzer puppies demand time!


My old interest to b&s miniature schnauzers resulted in purchasing a female, and I have bred some litters during 2011- 2015. year 2016 we imported a p&s miniature schnauzer bitch from Sweden : letīs see what happens ;) ?

Kennel Doctor's Order