Kennel Doctor's Order

Our own dogs&bitches at the moment:


Male dogs available at stud (all these males have their hips & eyes checked and some of them have been mental tested and passed with good points):

Fi Ch & Lt Jch Amor Di Schnauzer Welcome Aboard KoiraNet-info

C.I.B & Fi & No & Est Ch EstW-11 Doctor's Order Mad MaxKoiraNet-info

Doctor´s Order Kevin Keegan (see K-litter) FIN CH 1xCACIB

FKC database

Our bitches we have used for breeding (those who are still alive):

 Afunique Qaanaaq (Nana), miniature schnauzer (b&s)bitch

FKC database

 Doctor's Order Molly Malone (Molli), schnauzer bitch

FKC database

Doctor´s Order Joy´n Jubilation (Jade),schnauzer bitch (breeding rights)

FKC database

Doctor's Order Hell's Angel (Helmi) FIN CH

FKC database

Doctor´s Order Ice Kiss (Kisu)

FKC database

Doctor´s Order Joy´n Jubilation (Jade) FIN & S CH 2xCACIB

FKC database



The next generations:

D-litter 1997   D-litter males   D-litter bitches

E-litter 1998  E-litter males    E-litter bitches

F-litter 2000   F-litter males     F-litter bitches

G-litter  2001   G-litter males    G-litter bitches

H-litter 2002   H-litter males    H-litter bitches

  I-litter 2004

  J-litter 2005

  K-litter 2006

  L-litter 2007


Rest in peace:

 Seladys Untouched Pearl (Geena)

Doctor's Order Demicillin (Roosa)

FKC database

Argenta's Yeoman Yankee (Renny) INT CH FinnSieg

FKC database


Kennel Doctor's Order