Seladys Untouched Pearl (Geena) 1994-2003


GeenaDam: CH Gloris Good Morning

Sire: Stablemaster's Good Grief

hips B/C, eyes OK, character test passed


Geena's pedigree

In the family environment Geena was a touchingly feminine, playful little lady who constantly was swirling her bobtail around. She was either extremely stupid or extremely clever in her mental abilities: obeying the orders depends on whether there was something else more interesting to do than to follow the orders. The first thing Geena attended to when she goes out or comes home was to sniff around to smell if the neighbour cat is somewhere around. Poor cat: Geena's day was saved if she cpuld chase Nuuhku the Cat up a tall tree. Chasing a rabbit was all right, too, if there was nothing better to do. Geena loved food; the only food she didn't catch from the air was a raisin. She thought all food was delicious, and she never got enough of it! In the usual feminine way, Geena was constantly on a diet...Geena would have been a talented agility dog if it weren't for her owner's (Kirsi's) slowness or her own original interpretations of the course.Once she tried to jump from the top of the A-hurdle directly to the ground but landed at the bottom of the hurdle, then stood up and ran to the end of the course as if nothing had happened!

Seladys kennel

Kennel Seladys



Janne & Geena  Janne & Geena 1994


April 1st 2003

Our beloved Geena is gone.

A few weeks ago she hurt her leg, and the reason turned out to be, quite surprisingly, an aggressive bone cancer. The pain killers helped for a while, but soon the pain proved to be too much for this lively bob-tail wagger. After a difficult night, in the morning of April 1st, Kirsi performed the most difficult task in her life, putting Geena down in her own bed. Renny's head rested on Kirsi's knee and Kirsi rubbed Geena's ears gently -  they talked to Geena as she peacefully went away.

Something of Geena will live on in her offspring, and she will always be the beauty in our kennel logo. The loss is now painful. Geena has been ever so dear to us.


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