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I have owned schnauzers since 1977. My first litter was born 1997.

At home for the time being I only have schnauzer male "Staffan" (Argenta´s Falstaff Fakir) born-09. I also co-own schnauzers : a male Fi Ch & Lt Jch Amor Di Schnauzer Welcomeaboard (born -11)and young bitch Amor Di Schnauzer Fama Volat both from the our trusted kennel in Italy , as well as breeding rights for schnauzer "Sissy" (D.O.Party Girl born 12) and schnauzer "Lili" (D.O:Roch Bitch).My sister Tiina bears a big part of our miniature schnauzer breeding, having 3 bitches at home herself (b&s Fi Ch Afunique Qaanaaq and b&s Fi Ch D.O.Oops and p&s Argenta´s Mini Judy Juvel). Also, if dogs of our breeding show to be valuable in the name of breeding, we are also interested in leasing them to keep our lines for ourselves.

Having bitches live at co-operating homes enables us to go on breeding without having a large amount of dogs at home. The schnauzer/miniature schnauzer is an active and curious, great family dog, which in our opinion means that large kennels are not the best surrounding for them. It definitely needs to be a part of a family!


Kirsi & "taffan" spring -14

Kirsi Kentala, born 1963, licenciate in veterinary medicine, occupation & clinic owner Oy Länsirannikon eläinklinikka  - Västkustens djurklinik Ab. Home pages:


Kirsi's activities:

Kolumnisti Veterinary Licenciate

Kolumnisti Special degree in food hygiene

Kolumnisti A member of the Kennel Club of Finland

Kennel Club of Finland

Kolumnisti A member of  the Canine Club of Vaasa

Canine Club of Vaasa

Dog lovers The Member of

the Schnauzer Club of Finland

member & president of breeding committee for several years


Dog lovers A member of

Schnauzer-Pinscher Club at Pohjanmaa region grounding member, current chairman

SSPK Pohjanmaa

Kolumnisti Qualified show ring assistant

Kolumnisti Breeder's basic course passed 10.10.1999

Kolumnisti Breeder's advanced course passed 28.11.1999

Kolumnisti Primary course for the show judges passed 18.12.2000

Kolumnisti "Dog eye"-test for show judges passed 3-4.9.05 , basic course for the show judges passed 12-13.11.05

Kolumnisti Judging test of schnauzers passed 31.5.06,show judge competence achieved. Continuing to other breeds,too!


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