Schnauzer puppies planned for summer 2020. Ask more via e-mail


My general principles

The dogs selected for breeding is obliged to meet the demands of the Standard Schnauzer Club/ Miniature Schnauzer Club as regards to the dogs composition, character and health.

Since our dogs receive only high quality dog food, they remain constantly in top condition. The dam has, accordingly, full supplies of minerals and nutrition even at the moment of service.

Before the service, and during the pregnancy on about the 42nd day, the dam undertakes an extra fenbendazole treatment in order to get rid of all parasites.

During the last three weeks of the dam's pregnancy, she gets high quality puppy food to meet the increasing demand for energy and calcium. During the suckling, the dam will get puppy food with eg cream and other high energy ingredients.

Retu as a puppy


Delivery and the weeks after

I will personally supervise the delivery, of course, and keep an account of it. Ever puppy is immediately weighed and marked with the nail polish in order to tell them separately from the very moment of birth.

At first I weigh the puppies daily in order to make sure that each puppy gets the sufficient amount of milk. After that I weigh them once a week and especially before the fenbendazole treatments.

The first two or three weeks the dam guards her puppies, sheltering them in her litterbox. At the age of three or four weeks, the puppies take courage to step outside the box into a puppy corral or, preferably, outside in the garden. The get to meet the other dogs and the children in the family and gradually the guests as well. We play with the puppies as often as possible, handle them, cut the nails etc, and they get used to the home environment, its noises and routines. At this point, the puppies normally receive own nicknames - it would be bored to be called just "One" or "Two", wouldn't it (LOL)? The nicknames don't refer in any way to their official kennel names.

At the age of about four weeks, the puppies start to receive high quality puppy food soaked in warm water as an extra bonus to their normal portion of milk.

The puppies are given fenbendazole treatments at the ages of three, five and seven weeks. The microchipping takes place at the age of six weeks.

Doctor's Order G-litter


Getting the puppy

The puppy will be given to the future owner at the age of  7 weeks or after. The puppy has learned to eat solid food and allow the handler to cut his/her nails and lift him/her up on a table, he/she has got used to the normal sounds and routines of a home when moving around the house and the garden. When the exchange of the puppy from the breeder to the future owner takes place,

-  the puppy has been given an anti-worm Axilur treatment

- the puppy has been given excellent complete nutrition

- the puppy has a mikrochip

- the puppy has been registered at FKC

- the puppy has been given a thorough medical examination

- a registration certificate as well as written nutrition, treatment and grooming instructions and information leaflets of the Standard Schnauzer Club/Miniature Schanuzer Club of Finland will be given to the new owner

The purchase of a puppy is sealed with a written contract approved by the Finnish Kennel Club. The price includes a file containing general advice about taking care of and training a dog ,as well as special information about the Standard Schnauzer eg. material concerning the breed organization.

I'm eager to arrange different happenings for my friends, eg. dog show rehearsals and hip X-rays: the contact is from time to time very close especially in the dog show season. Furthermore, the contacts via mail and e-mail/facebook is nowadays extremely easy around the world. I try to update my home site frequently, sending hereby my thanks to my webmaster.

If you are interested in our puppies, come to meet our adult dogs first, have a little coffee and chat with us about the breed and your own wishes concerning your future pet. There are small differenced in the temperament of the puppies even within the breed, which have to be taken into consideration when choosing the puppy.

If the breed feels right for you, our adult dogs nice and we as the breeders suitable for you, it is time to meet the juniors!

A puppy leaving our home is just a sprout of a fully developed dog; her or his nutrition, upbringing and exercise in the future determine the outcome at least up to 50%. We are ready to assist you as the breeders in every possible problems, and to hear the good news as well!


Taking care of a Standard Schnauzer

A Standard Schnauzer is handsome when she or he is tidy; between the half-annual trimmings one should tidy the dog up every now and then - I'll show you how! The advantage of my profession is to offer all my puppies a private vet exclusively at their disposal... :o)

A Standard Schnauzer before and after grooming:

 Rymy waiting for a trim  Rymy

When the puppy's teeth are beginning to change, it is time to check if the ears are developing correctly. In the photos, Sire shows us her normally hanging ears in the first photo, in the second photo (only two days after!) ears folding into a wrong position and in the third photo her taped ears.

siri1.jpg (2893 bytes)  siri2.jpg (5181 bytes)  siri3.jpg (7355 bytes)

The ears should be taped immediately if you notice that they are not folding correctly. A slightly wider tape than in the photo 3 would be better to encertain that the ears will stay right. There should be a few days' resting period after a week's treatment to let the ears recover from it. Continue the treatment of taping and pauses if necessary even for two / three months - after all, it is a relatively short time as you'll have to watch the ears ever after ;)


Kennel Doctor's Order