Summary of the shows 2001


Show results ( in Finnish = in English):  PU = BD,  PN = BB,   sertti = CAC, VSP = BOS, ROP = BOB,  va-CACIB = reservCACIB.

-al = adults first round, -avkl = adults second round, -nuo, -nl, -jl, -jun = junior first round, -nuokl, -nkl, -jkl, junkl = junior second round, kp = honours, sa = CC, competing for CAC


Turku Int. 21.1.

Argenta´s Yeoman Yankee 1-al, 4-avkl, sa, PU4

Barbra Streisand Great Charisma 1-nuo, 1-nuk, sa, PN3

D.O.Demicillin 1-al

There were 37 p&s Standard Schnauzers in the ring of the Brittish gentleman judge Frank Kane in the Turku International Dog Show.  We had driven to Turku Hall in the early morning, in the midst of elks. Kirsi's outfit was a woollen dress since the hall had been freezing last year but this year the air in the hall was warm and heavy - the choice of the dress was "a little" uncomfortable... The ring was, however, small enough and the rounds reasonably short that the day went without any fainting incidents.

The results were excellent  - Roosa (Demicillin) performed beautifully and she was in a "super beautiful" shape - the judge would have liked to see a longer neck on her according to the report. Roosa will be moving to Helsinki next month so her show career will continue in the autumn after some new trimmings!

Sade was "lovely, lovely" and she even put up a tight fight about the top placings of the bitches. Due to her little experience, she was left third as the ring began to turn sour in her mind. The future seems good, however, and as she matures, she will be a tough bone in the show rings! (Or: even tougher than today! This result was already absolutely wonderful.) Congratulations to Epelin Kythereia or Emma in Tampere, 9 months old and her first CAC in the junior class in an international show is "quite all right" for an official start!!!

Renny was "a quality dog" alltogether, he got his access to the best males' ring and the fourth prize. Renny is in an excellent shape these days, one could even say at his best. And we wish he'll have many, many years to come...


18.3. Tampere

D.O. Fred Flintstone 1-jun, 1-juk, kp

D.O.Dustydrops 1-al, 5-avk

Seladys Untouched Pearl 1-al, 5-avk

Barbra Streisand Great Charisma 1-nuo-1-nuk, sa, PN3

36 Standard Schnauzers showed their best sides to the Swedish judge Eddie Engstrand in an excellently large and spacious ring (finally!). The first to enter the contest was Retu, the BOB-puppy from Messukeskus Winner Show. His fine performance, wonderful coat and fine condition brought Retu the class victory. The judge had a strict SA -line, only seven dogs (three males and four bitches) received the SA in this breed. Retu got the honours rosette for being so promising. At the end of the summer, we'll take a CAC or two in the south-western dog shows, this is a promise to you Mikko!

Tintin was the next to go, in the open class for males. This country boy put on a little restless performance in the ring at first, but then Susanne & the girls hided themselves and the contact became better. Finally, he was able to show his strong movements. The red ribbon was really a good performance, as there were so many blue ribbons passed on there. In the competition class Tintin was the fifth.

Of course, the winner in the junior bitches was Sade, with the SA as well. She will be invincible soon (you can quote me on this...). There were only four bitches in the Best Bitch ring and it was really nice to show off this Italian donna among the Champions.

Geena had long been out of it all, now she got into the ring, for the last time in the open class. She was sure to get the red ribbon and then the fifth place. We'll move on to the veterans!


Lahti 28.4. INT

D.O.Ebba Elixir 2-al

Ebba - or Ellu to her friends - was perceived to be a well-balanced dog in the eyes of judge Olavi Tuovinen, with such minor faults, however, that he didn't give her the red ribbon. Outi will try again in the summer in the outdoor ring. In the meanwhile, she will train agility with her, with great expectations!


Harjavalta 12.5. (judge Diego Ramalho, Portugal)

D.O.Elda Eleganza 1-al, 3-avk

D.O.Etna Excellenta 2-al

Barbra Streisand Great Charisma 1-nuo, 1-nuk, SA, PN3

Diego Ramalho from Portugal judged 13 p&s Standard Schnauzers in the wonderful spring weather. Some signs of fatigue were to be noticed, as he tried to search Sade's belly for the testicles and asked other competitors if their dog was a male or a bitch... Well, our success wasn't great.  Sade beat the young bitches and got her SA-ribbon, but she was the third among the three SA dogs. Her report consisted of three lines of text, "nice & very well?"

Elsa or Etna Excellenta got nervous after a minor accident before the ring in her trimming: she was cut in the groin with the sciccors. Of course the incident remained in her mind and as the judge put his hand under her, she let out a real squeal and paniced.  Let's hope that she'll forget the little accident before the next Miss Beauty contest!

Eppu or Elda Eleganza performed well, but didn't get the SA-ribbon. Eppu's report was "nice and good?"... Congratulations Epelin Neonilla for the BOB and the FIN CH -title, Renny the Daddy welcomes you to his progeny class in the Special Show!


13.5. Oulu (judge Terry Thorne, Great-Britain)

D.O.Elda Eleganza 1-al, 2-avk, sa, PN2, CAC, FIN CH!!!

Eppu's charm worked finally and the FIN CH ribbon was a fact in Oulu! In the coming summer, Eppu will attend the Finnish shows "just for fun"! We'll make a short tour in Sweden to see some shows and her possible grooms-to-be... (one must introduce some groom candidates to her too, right??)

D.O.Elda Eleganza

Mari & Doctor's Order Elda Eleganza


Eurajoki 19.-20.5. (judge Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen)

D.O.Elda Eleganza 2-al

D.O.Etna Excellenta 1-al, 2-avk 

D.O.Fatal Attraction 1-jun, 1-juk

Eppu (Elda E.) & Noora Haapanen JUNIOR HANDLER victory!

"Fata" (Fatal Attraction) had her first official show in the junior class now. Out of two junior bitches, she was placed the first but given only the red ribbon and nothing else. Well, the main thing with Fata was to get some real dog show experience for her herself as well as for her handler Tom. Fata is a brave girl, these kind of competitive situations won't affect her the least.

Elsa (Etna E.) got the red ribbon now, but had to admit that the BOB winner Epelin Neonilla was better in the conpetition class (congratulations AGAIN!).

Eppu (Elda E.) received the first blue ribbon in her life: her mask could have been darker and the legs longer. No comment! We'll calculate Eppu's contest saldo at the end of the summer and make the final conclusions then. I myself assume that this second placing will remain, so to speak, a statistical deviation...


Vaasa 20.5.01 agility contest

Eppu (Elda E) 3rd

Eppu was the third in two agility contests with a very nice performance! The handler of course was Mari Rantala.


Raisio 24.5. (judge Reijo Latvala - change of judges)

D.O.Elda Eleganza 1-al, 2-avk, sa, PN2

D.O.Fast Forward 1-jun, 1-juk

D.O.Etna Excellenta 2-avk

In the gusts of wind in Raisio, the judge was a Standard Schnauzer breeder, so the examination of dogs was thorough and the judgements knowledgeable. It was the first show for Hannes (FFwd) and his owner and handler Jenny. The fantastic performance of both brought them the valuable red ribbon and the victory in the junior class. Hannes' next show-up will be in the Special Show in Seinäjoki!

Elsa (Etna E) showed, however, her loathing towards show situations again, and the blue ribbon was the prize to pay for her nerves. We wish Miia and Elsa pleasant moments with other numerous hobbies - the show theme will be brought up later...

Eppu thought that the sand ground obviously meant agility! This lassie, frustrated with the car trip and all, showed typical Schnauzer traits hopping and jumping around joyfully... This is one of the reasons why a Schnauzer is a challenging breed: you never know what is going on in his head... Mari was able to calm down this joker and bring her the SA ribbon this time, as was approbriate for a female dog whose report said: "a well sized, stylistic bitch."


Orimattila 24.5. (judge Olavi Pasanen)

D.O.Doggymycin 1-avo, 1-avk, sa, PU1, CAC, BOB, FIN CH !!!!!!!!!

FIN CH Doctor's Order Doggymycin

I received a text message from Tiina the same afternoon: "I wish to reserve a date for removing Sumi's balls!"  And I knew then that Sumi was FIN CH, since I had refused even to discuss the matter before this title.  Sumi is coming to the Special Show: any interested girls should soon start their heat before Sumi becomes just a nice eunuch pal for them...?!  (Tiina's summer vacation is getting closer, pssst :)


Seinäjoki 3.6. (SSPK Special Show, judge Alfonso Thovar y Del Solar, Spain)

D.O.Elda Eleganza 1-al

D.O.Doggymycin 1-al

Barbra Streisand Great Charisma 1-nuo, 1-nuk, SA, PN1, BOS !!!!!!

Argenta´s Yeoman Yankee 1-avo, 4-avk

D.O.Fast Forward 1-jun, 2-juk, SA, PU5

D.O.Fatal Attraction 1-jun, 3-juk

A fine Special Show! Kirsi was part of the show managment team, so: rise and shine at 4.45 am and to the show area ready for the final touch. It was raining cats and dogs in Vaasa, but the weather in Seinäjoki was sunny. Unsuspecting any change in the weather, our voluntary help team put up the rings and decorations outside in the beautiful park of Törnävä manor. Well, as the show started at 10 am, it began to rain. At 10.30 am the rings were moved into the dance pavilion, and the spacious outdoor rings were suddenly transformed into miniature size rings.  However, as it started really to pour water, everyone was happy about the decision. Well, SADE (="rain" in Finnish) was the name of the game today (see Sade :)

There were  46 P&S Standard Schnauzers according to the catalogue and judge Alfonso Thovar y Del Solarí had an own clear picture of the type and line of the dog in his mind.

The first to go into the ring was "Hannes" (FFwd). Jenni's gorgeous pink leather jacket, together with the dog of style and quality (just kidding here... :) carried Hannes as far as the fifth in the Best of Males contest, a wonderful job! In the junior class, the fifth male in the SSPK Special Show!

Renny was the fourth in the open class males' contest. After seeing the first five dogs in the the open class, judge Alfonso said that this wonderful dog quality is what he had come to see in Finland! But, he gave a SA ribbon only to the fist and second male. The judge admitted that the fair hair in Renny's legs bothered him in this otherwise wonderful dog.

Fata moved herself in an elegant way in the junior class bitches' contest: the honourable third place. With some training, this dog will be a winner, she has potentials! A tightly built, feminine bitch who has wonderful movements.

Our little Sade made a real jackpot! I had thought beforehand that the junior class victory would be our goal. And we got it, along with the Best of Bitches contest victory! Since Sade left behind the most victorious biches of the last few years, this placing feels really valuable!  Alfonso was impressed with Sade's genuinity: her coat was just the right shade and quality, her lines were elegant and - as the judge said - one can clarly see what the dog is all about just by looking at her, there no need to look for her through the hair!  Still, BOB was given to the handsome open class male Liebgrau Brave Bruno (and no wonder!), who was also Best In Show in Seinäjoki Special Show. Congratulations to Kennel Liebgrau, you won almost everything!

And, the last but not the least "Sumi", who was shown by my father Heikki - back in the Standard Schnauzer ring after a long time. Many a show handler and breeder rubbed his eyes in disbelief: has Heikki really Standard Schnauzers again... and Mirkku Lehtola noticed that the breed really becomes him!  Sumi showed himsef with style and received an excellent report, as did all our dogs, by the way.   There were so many open class males, however, one dog more handsome than the other: neither Sumi nor most of the other FIN Ch dogs reached the top five placings.


9.6.01 Uusikaupunki (judge Olavi Tuovinen)

D.O.Elda Eleganza 1-al, 2-avk

A sure red ribbon for Eppu, although judge Olavi Tuovinen would have liked to have seen more coarseness in her leg hair. Eppu has her mother Geena's puffy and generous American style dream legs, that are not quite fitting to the European breed standard... we'll take the case into consideration in our breeding!

In addition to all this, Eppu lead Noora Haapanen to the victory of the junior handler -contest!


17.6. Hämeenlinna (judge Harry Tast)

Argenta´s Yeoman Yankee 1-al, 1-avk, sa, PU1, BOB, Best of Group-5!

Barbra Streisand Great Charisma 1-nuo, 1-nuk, sa, PN1, BOS

Renny and Sade had the honour to become the only Standard Schnauzers in Hämeenlinna who got a SA . We had been judged by Harry Tast last year with wonderful results in Mänttä. The judge showed now that he had the same unchanged opinion. According to the judge, Renny won because of his down-bound movements, but, at the same time, he saw very much potential in the bitch (Sade).  Probably Renny's gentlemanly conduct was his asset as well! It turned out to be a long day as the groups started as late as after 3.30 pm, but it was worth it. We reached the group placing so rare to the Standard Schnauzer: Best of Group-5!  Renny continues thus his annual series of group placings...


30.6. Seinäjoki KV (judge Hilkka Salohalla)

D.O.Demicillin 1-al, 4-avk

D.O.Elda Eleganza 1-al, 5-avk.

Argenta´s Yeoman Yankee 1-al, 3-avk, sa, PU3

D.O.Fast Forward 1-jun, 2-juk, kp

Barbra Streisand Great Charisma  1-nuo, 1-nuk

We had a warm weekend, a real heat wave! Wonderful to the dog owners but the dogs (especially not Sade) weren't enjoying it. There were Russian bitches and a male in Seinäjoki - as well as in Närpiö the following day - and the male Dronas Miser took BOB to Pietari in both the shows.

Renny brought home his certain Best of Males placings. As you can see in the results, our little princess Sade wasn't her temperamentical smart self in the ring: she pulled her neck inward like a turtle into its shell, even the treats didn't interest her. Lacking the one crucial factor that would have made the trick, we had to settle for the first plain red ribbon this year.

Eppu and Roosa performed both beautifully. Despite the good judgments, neither of them got SA in Seinäjoki. Roosa didn't attend the show in Närpiö the following day but went swimming, instead!

Eppu (Elda E.) took part in the agility contest in Seinäjoki, too, and she was the third in her own class. Weaving the sticks, she missed one and got some minus points there, that's all. Good, Mari!!!


1.7. Närpiö (judge Marianne Holm-Hansen, Denmark)

D.O.Fast Forward 1-nuo, 1-nuk

Argenta´s Yeoman Yankee 1-al, 2-avk, sa, PU2

Barbra Streisand Great Charisma 1-nuo, 1-nuk

D.O.Elda Eleganza 1-al, 1-avk, sa, PN1, BOS

Eppu was the most beautiful bitch in Närpiö: they say that the beauty is in the eyes of the beholder?! (see the results in Seinäjoki the day before). This is a good start for the trip to Sweden!


7.7. Piteå, Sweden (judge Britta Roos-Börjesson, Sweden)

D.O.Elda Eleganza 1-ökl, ck, PN2, va-CACIB

Barbra Streisand Great Charisma 1-ukl, ck, PN1, CAC, CACIB, BOB, Best of Group-4

Argenta´s Yeoman Yankee 1-chkl, ck, PU1, CACIB, BOS

Judging by the results, one might guess that the weekend in the sunny Sweden was fantastic. Sade won the breed - her opponent was the best of males, Renny. The judge pondered a moment, then said that the male was perfect but, as this happened to be a contest of beauty and the bitch had the magic quality, the bitch would be the winner. Finally, Sade had the strength to keep up her good performance in the Best of Group II. Consequently, the group judge lifted her up to the 4th place.


8.7. Byske (Skellefteå), Sweden (judge Patrik Ragnarsson, Sweden)

D.O.Elda Eleganza 1-ökl, ck, PN2, CAC, CACIB

Argenta´s Yeoman Yankee 1-chkl, ck, PU1, CACIB, BOB

Out of pure tactical reasons - as Sade had won everything possible the day before in Piteå - she got to have her rest this Sunday in Byske. The risk was, evidently, worth taking: Eppu received CAC and CACIB. Therefore, we are now celebrating the new S CH.

The judge had no doubt in his mind about the BOB dog, the honour was given to Renny.

We met Eppu's bridegroom candidate Argenta´s Emmett who also became S CH that weekend. We took a photo about the future couple, it will appear on the pages as soon as the film is developed!


13.7.01 Tuusula PMV-2001 (judge Gunnel Holm)

D.O.Demicillin 1-avo

Argenta´s Yeoman Yankee 1-avo, 4-avk, sa, PU5

Barbra Streisand Great Charisma 1-nuo, 2-nuk

There were 38 p&s Standard Schnauzers in Tuusula. The judge started her day with a measuring stick but forgot it when, in my opinion, measurement would have been needed...  The males were blessed with a sunny weather, and Renny climbed up to the male finals, as he has done in every single show lately. The Speciality show BIS male didn't get that far, and the June World Winner was placed as low as the third in Best of Males contest. One has to start from the same line every time in this impression contest?

As the bitches came to the ring, the heaven burst out with rain. It poured so hard that as I finally found my rain coat in the bag, it was worthless since I was soaked already! What a challenge to enchant the best out of our little Italian donna, as the men ran around trying to put up the rain canvas, and water came down over the dog and the handler. I have to confess that my own show athmosphere was gone. Sade was the second in her class, for the first time this year. Let me put it this way: I wouldn't trade her for the winner bitch... on the other hand, her only interest at that time was to get dry, as was mine, too.

Roosa entered the open class just to get wet again, without any placings since she lacked femininity (?) - Roosa is one of the most feminine bitches I know, but perhaps the judge saw it differently?  Well, we saw the Nordic Winner contest, where, however, only Finnish Standard Schnauzers were competing. We have more hopes for the Standard Schnauzer specialist judge in Pori in two weeks!


14.-15.7. Nivala (judge Moa Persson, Sweden)

D.O.Fond Of Ferrari 1-nuo, 1-nuk, sa, PU2, CAC

Leena Kivijärvi had Jussi trimmed to his best and sent him to his first show. Kirsi arranged a handler there, too, and the result was not bad at all: CAC in his first show! Would it be possible to get Leena to enter Jussi into a few more shows, the breeder here would like to see her handsome puppies in the ring...!


29.7. Pori KV  (judge Javier Sanchez Fernandez, Spain)

Barbra Streisand Great Charisma 1-nuo, 1-nuk, sa, PN4

D.O.Fred Flintstone 1-nuo, 1-nuk, sa, PU5

Argenta´s Yeoman Yankee 1-avo, 3-avk

Judge Javier Sanchez Fernandez liked docked dogs, that was obvious, as the Best of Males 1st and 2nd as well as the Best of Bitches 1st and 4th were both docked and cropped. One has to confess that it was somewhat disappointing to see Renny's placing in the open class without the SA - I dont' even remember the last time this has happened. There was no reason for it in his report, either, as everything in him seemed to be "excellent". Well, everyone is entitled to his likings, but one would have hoped for an explanation (?)...

Retu got what he deserved, a SA, but his opponent took the CAC ( a triple veteran champion from Russia came to take it from him). He must try again in Turku! He is a handsome male and his character is excellent!

Sade had her usual international show placing in the Best of Bitches contest: being the youngest, she didn't beat her hard opponents today. Her performance was quite all right, though.


5.8. Kuopio KV (judge Hans Almgren, Sweden)

Argenta´s Yeoman Yankee 1-avo, 4-avk

Barbra Streisand Great Charisma 1-al, 2-avk, sa, PN2, CAC, vara-CACIB, FIN & S CH!

The weather in the dog show in Kuopio didn't surprise us this time, either: it was raining. Renny's hair was beginning to be long, which might have been the reason for the final results... we'll see what will happen in Denmark after a week, in a still longer hair!

The judge saw so much beauty in Sade that she received the second place in the Best of Biches contest, as well as the CAC and the CH titles in her first possible show over the age of two! Next weekend, Jukka will travel to Turku to show Retu and Sade, whereas Renny is in Denmark and Kirsi in Luulaja, Sweden, for the service. The children will have to remain at home to keep Geena company?!


11.8. Ruukki (judge Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen)

D.O.Fond Of Ferrari 2-nuo

Jussi was, according to the judge, still quite narrow in his structure (not extraordinary for a junior class male, I presume?), otherwise the structure was excellent. His character urged the judge to some extra praise: an extremely nice, friendly and happy dog! So, let the time do its job, let Jussi eat and then he'll step into the ring with quite a new coat!


11.8. Turku (judge Sonia Bellan Falletti, Italy)

Barbra Streisand Great Charisma 1-avo, 2-avk, sa, PN3

D.O.Fred Flintstone 1-nuo, 1-nuk, sa, PU2, CAC

The sun was shining in Turku during the males contest - but guess what happened when it was Sade's turn to step in? Quite right: thunder, lightnings and a heavy hail underlined the obvious feelings. LUCKILY Retu got the CAC we had, so to speak, " come to get" - drying the soaking wet clothes and other stuff was not in vain...

Sade showed us an A+ performance in spite of the weather - thanks to the pieces of liver! (remember this for the future).

Eppu's rut is maturing but, up to this day, there has been no signs for Emmett of getting any closer than licking the bride's ears. Well, we'll wait for tomorrow - as the bitch reaches the "right moment" her eyelashes curve up into a specific position and her love is in flames! (my friend Saija - greetings to her - has urged me to monitor the bitch's eyelashes!)


11.-12.8. Vissenbjerg, Tanska int. (judge Folke Isaksson)

Argenta´s Yeoman Yankee 1-avo, 2-avk, sa, PU3

Renny come to visit his father's land for the first time, and his placing was quite all right - unfortunately, the CAC and CACIB went to others. But one has to try, they don't send them via mail these days and the trip was alltogether ok. Having too long a coat, Renny will have to be content with just another show in Tallinna, then he'll be trimmed for the next contests in Finland starting in November.


25.-26.8. Tallinna, Estonia int. (judge Wenche Eikeseth)

Argenta´s Yeoman Yankee 1-al, 3-avk

My father Heikki combined pleasure with business as he travelled to Tallinna to our friends there and to the dog show. As unbelievable it may sound, a Standard Schnauzer with a long coat is not at his best: Renny's competition season ended to the result 1-al, 3-avk. As I wasn't there myself, I cannot comment on that any further...


16.9. Ruokolahti agility

D.O.Ebba Elixir maxi-I  0-result, honours

handler: Outi Harju

Congratulations! Ellu raced fast in Hyvinkää in the Standard Schnauzer agility team in August, too. She will also enter a few other races soon.


4.11. Mikkeli agility

D.O.Ebba Elixir & handler Outi Harju maxi I: I-result, honours!


8.12. Winner 2001 Helsinki, Messukeskus (judge Javier Sanchez Fernandez, Spain)

Argenta´s Yeoman Yankee 1-avo, 3-avk

Barbra Streisand Great Charisma 1-avo, 5-avk

Doctor´s Order Demicillin 1-avo, 3-avk, sa, PN4

On Friday we travelled to Messuaukio Holiday Inn Hotel in Helsinki with Sade, Renny and little Leevi (Doctor's Order Greatest Genius). The journey was surprisingly easy, only a few "pee" breaks; the puppy is a born traveller! Suvi came to fetch the puppy from the hotel. It was very easy to walk from the hotel lobby into the show area right next to it!

The number of Standard Schnauzers was "normal", 39 dogs. First in the ring was Renny in the males open class (9 males). His placing was quite ok, the third, but as only the first two got the SA ribbon, he had to stop there.

Sade and Roosa were among the 12 open class bitches, and Sade was the fifth out of the five dogs that were placed, Roosa was the third. The three first got a SA: Sade had to leave and Roosa continued to the Best of Bitches ring and was the fourth.

Altogether, the results were all right; one would have accepted SA ribbons with pleasure for all our beautiful dogs, but the judge was strict with them (as he has always been).


Kennel Doctor's Order