Summary of the shows 2002


Show results ( in Finnish = in English):  PU = BD,  PN = BB,   sertti = CAC, VSP = BOS, ROP = BOB,  va-CACIB = reservCACIB.

-al = adults first round, -avkl = adults second round, -nuo, -nl, -jl, -jun = junior first round, -nuokl, -nkl, -jkl, junkl = junior second round, kp = honours, sa = CC, competing for CAC


Show results:

Turku 27.1.2002 (judge Luis Pinto Teixeira, Portugal)

Argenta´s Yeoman Yankee 1-al, 1-avk, sa, PU2, CACIB

Barbra Streisand Great Charisma 1-al, 4-avk


17.02. Imatra INT (judge Marja Talvitie)

D.O.Ebba Elixir 2-avo


Tampere INT 16.3. (judge Marto Steinbacher, Austria)

Barbra Streisand Great Charisma 1-al, 1-avk, sa, PN1, CACIB, VSP

D.O.Fred Flintstone 1-nuo, 2-nuk, sa, PU4

The judge really liked Sade:  "Very nice bitch, lovely head & body. Perfect mouth, correct bite. Intelligent eyes. Good chest & front. Perfect shoulders. Good neck. Good depth back. Tail in perfect position. Perfect angulations. Very good coat. Enough temperament. Good mover".


21.4. Vaasa SSPK Pohjanmaa Match Show

Ada (D.O.Gina Ginelli) BIS


21.4. Berlin INT "Berlin Sieger 2002" (judge Agnes Ganami-Kertes)

Barbra Streisand Great Charisma  reser-CACIB

See photos!

Judge Agnes Ganami-Kertes describes Sade in the open class: "Elegant. Feminin. Attraktiv. Lang und doch ausdrucksvoller Kopf. Schön gewoeltes Hals. Feste Rucken, schön ablaufende Linie. Feine Brustenentwicklung. Gute Winkelung. Hartes Pfeffer/Salz, mittlere Schattierung, gut verteilt. Flussende kräftige und elegante Bewegung."


Vaasa 14.5. Official Obedience Trial (chief judge Timo Leppäkorpi)

Barbra Streisand Great Charisma primary class Kirsi Kentala 149,5 / 200 points, II prize

D.O.Elda Eleganza primary class Mari Rantala 184 / 200 points, I prize and change up to the secondary class


19.5. Pori (judge Ritva Raita)

Barbra Streisand Great Charisma 1-avo, 1-avk, CAC, PN1, BOB


Vaasa 22.5. Official Obedience Trial

Barbra Streisand Great Charisma primary class III prize


22.5. Match show Vaasa

Ada puppy winner & BIS3


29.5. Joensuu INT (judge Ritva Raita)

Barbra Streisand Great Charisma 2-avo

Argenta´s Yeoman Yankee 1-avo, 4-avk


8.6. Espoo Special Show (Andrei Kazmierski, Poland)

D.O.Good Goalkeeper BOB-puppy, Seibrin puppy bowl

D.O.Gina Ginelli BOB-puppy

Barbra Streisand Great Charisma 1-avo

Argenta´s Yeoman Yankee 1-avo


9.6. Lapua ( Lilian Hanniste, Estonia)

D.O.Guts´N Gravity I, kp, BOB-puppy

D.O.Go-Go-Girl I, kp, BOS-puppy

D.O.Gina Ginelli  II

Barbra Streisand Great Charisma 1-avo, 1-avk, sa, PN1, BOB

Argenta´s Yeoman Yankee 1-avo, 1-avk, sa, PU4


Copenhagen "Browinner 2002" 15.6. (Iuza Berodza, Georgia )

Argenta´s Yeoman Yankee 1-avo, 1-avk, ck, PUres (5)


Malmö "Browinner 2002" 16.6. (Carlos Saevich, Argentina)

Argenta´s Yeoman Yankee 1-val, 2-vak, ck, PU2, va-ca

Barbra Streisand Great Charisma 1-val, 1-vak, ck, PN1, CACIB, ROP, Browinner2002


Trondheim 29.6. (Wenche Eikeseth, Norway)

Argenta´s Yeoman Yankee 1-chkl, ck, 1-Bhk, BIR, CACIB - that is, BOB!

That was Renny final CACIB for the INT CH title.

At the same time, let me announce that the next Doctor´s Order -litter will be born at the end of August 2002 from our super combination FIN & S CH, Browinner-02 Barbra Streisand Great Charisma (3 x CACIB) and NORD & INT CH, FinSg Argenta´s Yeoman Yankee (7 x CACIB).


Forssa INT 29.-30.6. (Elke Peper, Germany)

D.O.Grey Gladiator puppy II

D.O.Demicillin 1-avo, 1-avk, sa, PN1, BOS, CACIB

D.O.Good Goalkeeper BOB-puppy

D.O.Fast Forward 1-avo, 4-avk


Imatra 29.6. Finnish Youth Championship in agility

D.O.Elda Eleganza class winner + honours, handler Noora Haapanen


Harjavalta 6.-7.7. (Gerry Hickey, Ireland)

D.O.Fred Flintstone 1-avo, 3-avk


Mikkeli 13.7. (Hilkka Salohalla)

D.O.Good Goalkeeper BOB-puppy


Kokkola 14.7. (Kari Salminen)

Barbra Streisand Great Charisma 1-avo, 3-avk, sa, PN3

Argenta´s Yeoman Yankee 1-avo, 2-avk, sa, PU3

D.O.Gina Ginelli 1, kp, BOB-puppy

D.O.Demicillin 1-avo, 2-avk, sa, PN2, reserv-cacib (CACIB will be passed on to Roosa!)

D.O.Elda Eleganza 1-avo, 4-avk

D.O.Fast Forward 2-avo

D.O.Fond of Ferrari 2-avo

D.O.Go-Go Girl pentu II, kp

D.O.Guts´n Gravity 1, kp, BOS-puppy

Epelin Izer Cathair 2-avo

Roosa D.O.Demicillin ("a strongly built bitch") was the second of all the bitches and got reserv-CACIB. This means that as the CACIB was given to a bitch that is already INT CH, it will be passed on to Roosa! She will become INT CH!!!

Not bad at all, in two weeks time two CACIBs. And her beard and the eyebrows have been trimmed OFF by a Southern Finland trimmer - quite a comical view on the head of a Standard Schnauzer her has.


28.7. Iisalmi (Marja Talvitie)

D.O.Fond Of Ferrari 1a-vo, 2-avk, sa, PU4


28.7. Rauma (P-E Wallin, Sweden)

D.O.Fred Flintstone 1-avo, 1-avk, sa, PU1, CAC, BOB

D.O.Gina Ginelli 1-jun, 2-juk

D.O.Elda Eleganza 1-avo, 1-avk, sa, PN1, BOS


Valkeakoski 3.8. (Eva Borg, Sweden)

D.O.Fast Forward 1-avo, 3-avk


Somero 4.8. (Hans v d Borg, Holland)

D.O.Fast Forward 1-avo, 1-avk, sa, PU1, CAC, BOS


Turku 11.8. (Gisa Schicker, Germany)

D.O.Fred Flintstone 1-avo, 2avk, sa, PU3


10.8. Kemi ( Pjotr Krol, Poland)

D.O.Fast Forward 1-avo, 2-avk, sa, PU2, CAC


Kouvola 24.8. (Petter Fostad, Norway)

D.O.Good Goalkeeper 1-jun, 1-juk

D.O.Fast Forward 2-avo


Heinola 25.8. (Maret Kärdi, Estonia)

D.O.Good Goalkeeper 2-jun

D.O.Fast Forward 2-avo


Mynämäki 31.8. (Ria Harmsen-Rispens, Holland)

D.O.Fred Flintstone 2-avo


Obedience Test Vaasa 8.9.

D.O.Gina Ginelli & Noora Haapanen, primary level 182 p, I prize and raises up to the secondary level.

The dog's first obedience test at the age of 10-and-a-half months, well done! The test was arranged by Vaasa Agility Club.


Obedience Test Turku 29.9.

D.O.Etna Excellenta & Miia Toivonen primary level 174 p, I prize and raises up to the secondary level.

Out of nine primary level contestors, the second place, well done Elsa and Miia in their first official test. Good luck in the secondary level!

Obedience trophee 2002

Elsa's obedience trophee!

27.10. Seinäjoki (Britta Roos-Börjesson, Sweden)

D.O.Go-Go Girl 1-jun, 1-juk, kp

D.O.Good Goalkeeper 1-jun, 1-juk


9.11. Character Test Pietarsaari

D.O.Elda Eleganza  +138 p. passed


10.11. SSPK Pohjanmaa, Specialty show, Vaasa

Big dogs:

D.O.Guts'N Gravity 2. prize

D.O.Go-Go Girl 4. prize


Jyväskylä kv 17.11. (Wenche Eikeseth, Norway)

D.O.Good Goalkeeper 1-jun, 1-juk, kp

D.O. Gina Ginelli 1-jun, 1-juk, kp


Winner 2002, Messukeskus, Helsinki 8.12. (Bo Skalin, Sweden)

D.O.Guts'n Gravity 1-jun, 1-juk, sa, sert, JuniorWinner 2002

D.O.Gina Ginelli 2-jun

D.O.Demicillin 1-avo, 2-avk, sa, PN4

50 p&s Standard Schnauzers!


Kennel Doctor's Order