Summary of the shows 2003


Show results

The dog gets at first a quality valuation: ( in Finnish = in English):  ERI = excellent,  EH = very good,  H = good. The dogs who get "excellent" or "very good" are then placed in the order of excellence. Only the dogs with "excellent" can continue to the CAC or reserv-CAC contest. Only one best male and best bitch are chosen, who then compete for BOB or BOS (VAL = CH class, AVO = open class, JUN = junior class).

kp = honours, sert=CAC, vara-sert=res-CAC, CACIB = CACIB, vara-CACIB = res-CACIB, VSP = BOS, ROP = BOB.

26.1. Turku Top Dog Show (Paul Stanton, Sweden)

D.O.Guts'n Gravity JUN ERI-1, CAC


Pori 1.2. (Hans Almgren, Sweden)

D.O.Guts'n Gravity JUN ERI-1 raserv-CAC

D.O.Fred Flintstone AVO ERI-1

Barbra Streisand Great Charisma VAL ERI-1 BOS


Vilna, Liettua 7-8.3

7.3. Lithuanian Winner -03, INT (Istvan Cepai, Hungary)

Amor Di Schnauzer Barbra Streisand Great Charisma CH-class EXC-2

Vilna, Liettua 7-8.3

8.3. INT (A. Attila)

Amor Di Schnauzer Barbra Streisand Great Charisma CH-class EXC-2


Tampere int. 16.3. (Walter Schicker, Germany)

D.O.Fred Flintstone AVO ERI-3

D.O.Grey Gladiator JUN ERI-2

Amor Di Schnauzer Barbra Streisand Great Charisma VAL ERI

D.O.Elda Eleganza VAL EH


26.4. Lahti int. (Anneli Alftan)

D.O.Hero's Heart PEK1


3.5. Vaasa official agility

D.O.Gina Ginelli midi I: A-test fail, B-test 5 faults,  3rd place.


Imatra 10.5. official agility (Hannele Lummeranta)

maxi I : D.O.Ebba Elixir & Outi Harju 6,24 faults,   5th place.


11.5. unofficial obedience Helsinki

D.O.Greatest Genius Alo 192 p., placing 2 / 7 & victory of the trick contest!


Harjavalta 17.5. ( Wolfgang Wiedorn, Austria)

D.O.Hell's Angel BOB-puppy


Amor Di Schnauzer Barbra Streisand Great Charisma VAL ERI 1


18.5. Leppävirta (Carlos Saevich, Argentina)

D.O.Hold Me BOB-puppy

D.O.Good Goalkeeper NUO ERI 1 SERT


24.5. Vaasa obedience Fin Championship Youth

D.O.Gina Ginelli & Noora Haapanen, primary level 196 p. / 200 p., FIN silver!


25.5.Vaasa agility Fin Championship Youth

D.O.Elda & Eleganza & Noora Haapanen maxi I fail

D.O.Gina Ginelli & Noora Haapanen midi I   0 faults, -14,87 KUMA (honours)!


25.5.Joensuu (Agnes Ganami-Kertes, Israel)

D.O.Hold Me BOB-puppy, kp

"Good quality puppy, square built, good size and strength. Well shaped head. Good neckline. Solid, short back. Good shoulders and hindlegs. Harsh s&p coat not completely even yet. Shows already good movement". Promising...


World Dog Show Dortmund Germany 31.5.

judge Evert Wieldjaaer, Holland:

Argentas Yeoman Yankee males ch-class excellent

judge Elke Ahrendts, Germany:

Doctor's Order Demicillin bitches open class excellent-4


Mänttä 7.6. (Gunnel Holm)

D.O.Good Goalkeeper EH


Klaukkala 7.6. (Annmarie Maeland, Sweden)

D.O.Go-Go Girl H

D.O.Fast Forward open class ERI 1 SERT BOS FIN CH


Vaasa 7.6. agility

A-contest D.O.Gina Ginelli & Noora Haapanen 0, honours, 1st place!

D.O.Elda Eleganza 10

B-contest D.O.Gina Ginelli failed

D.O.Elda Eleganza failed


Special Show 14.6. Espoo (Wolfgang Wiedorn, Austria)

D.O.Hero's Heart EH (jun)

D.O.High Hopes EH (jun)

D.O.Good Goalkeeper ERI (nuo)

D.O.Guts'n Gravity ERI 3 (nuo)

D.O.Demicillin ERI 3 (val)

D.O.Fast Forward ERI (val)

Argenta's Yeoman Yankee ERI 4 (val)

Barbra Streisand Great Charisma ERI 1 (val) BOB !!!!!

Amor Di Schnauzer Barbra Streisand Great Charisma


Official Obedience Test Vaasa 25.6.

D.O.Elda Elganza avo 101 p. III prize

D.O.Gina Ginelli alo 200 p. I prize!!!!

Maximun number of points to the genius Ada and she raises to the secondary level.


Official Agility Vaasa (VAS) 28.6.

D.O.Elda Eleganza maxi I 10, place  5

D.O.Gina Ginelli midi I 0, place 1, honours and raise to the next level!


Pori 29.6. (Thord Byström, Sweden)

D.O.Guts'n Gravity NUO ERI-1, vara-sert (res-CAC)

D.O.Go-Go Girl NUO ERI-1, sert (CAC)

D.O.High Hopes JUNI ERI-1, vara-sert (res-CAC)

Barbra Streisand Great Charisma VAL ERI-1, ROP


29.6. agility VAS

D.O.Gina Ginelli midi II: 0-result, honours, 1. place!


5.7. Tuusula Kurt Nilsson, Sweden

D.O.Good Goalkeeper EH


7.7. agility Vaasa

D.O.Elda Eleganza handler: Noora Haapanen maxi I   11,28


Kokkola 12.7. (Christian Vantu, Romania)

D.O.Guts'n Gravity NUO ERI-2

D.O.Go-Go Girl NUO ERI-3

D.O.Dixifixin AVO ERI-3


19.-20.7. Forssa, Kari Salminen

D.O.Grey Gladiator H


2.8. Rauma, Lilian Hanniste, Estonia

D.O.Fred Flintstone  AVO ERI-1, res-CAC


Hämeenlinna 9.8.03 Blaz Kavcic, Slovenia

D.O.Grey Gladiator NUO EH1


Kuopio 10.8.03 Ritva Raita

D.O.Hold Me JUN EH1


Vaasa kv. 17.8.03  Jack Travers, Ireland

Je´taime Talhi Tailor Made PEK1

D.O.Hero´s Heart EH2

D.O.Guts´n Gravity ERI1 va-sert

D.O.Fred Flintstone ERI3

Argenta´s Yeoman Yankee EH3

D.O.Hold Me ERI1 sert

Barbra Streisand Great Charisma ERI1 CACIB BOB

D.O.Elda Eleganza ERI2 VA-CACIB

Sade BOB Vaasa 2003

Sade BOB Vaasa INT 2003


Official agility Vaasa 23.8.03

Maxi 1 kisa D.O.Elda Eleganza & Mari Rantala first race result 10,0 placing 1st. Second race result 5,00 placing 2nd.


Official agility Vaasa VAS 24.8.03

3.contest Maxi I D.O.Elda Eleganza & Mari Rantala result 15,00 placing 7th.

4.contest Maxi I D.O.Elda Eleganza & Mari Rantala result 5,00 placing 1st.


SSPK Specia Show 30.8.03 Helsinki, Marianne Holm

24 p&s Standard Schnauzers

D.O.Hell's Angel H

D.O.His Majesty H

Barbra Streisand Great Charisma H


Lohja 7.9.03, Keijo Alen

D.O.High Hopes JUN EH1


Vaasa 7.9.03 SSPK Pohjanmaa: Specialty Match Show, Heikki Kalijärvi

D.O.Elda Eleganza 3rd among the big dogs.

Barbra Streisand Great Charisma 4th among the big dogs.


28.9.03 Tampere, Peter Schön, Germany, 18 p&sStandard Schnauzers

Doctor's Order Good Goalkeeper ERI 1 va-sert (res-CAC)

Doctor' Order Fred Flintstone ERI 2

Amor Di Schnauzer Barbra Streisand Great Charisma ERI 1 VSP


24.10.03 Seinäjoki (Janiki Steinbock, Israel)

AdiS Barbra Streisand Great Charisma VAL ERI-1 VSP


Seinäjoki 26.10.03 Jouko Yrjölä, 9 p&s Standard Schnauzers

VSP VAL ERI-1 AdiS Barbra Streisand Great Charisma

SERT JUN ERI-1 Je t'aime Talhi Tailor Made


9.11.03 Kristiinankaupunki Jan Stääv, Sweden

JUN ERI1 SERT ROP (ex1 CAC BOB) Jetaime Talhi Tailor Made

VAL ERI1 VSP (ex1 BOS) AdiS Barbra Streisand Great Charisma

AVO EH2 (vg2) D.O.Fatal Attraction


Jyväskylä int. 15.11.03  Kitty Sjong, Denmark, 22 p&s Standard Schnauzers

D.O.His Majesty JUN ERI1 VA-SERT (res-CAC)

D.O.Good Goalkeeper AVO ERI1 SERT (CAC)

D.O.His Majesty D.O.His Majesty JUN ERI1 VA-SERT (res-CAC)

Winner of the Year -03, Messukeskus, Helsinki 7.12.03 Libuse Ubrova, Tsekinmaat

Je T'aime Talhi Tailor Made jun ERI1 (ex2)

Doctor's Order High Hopes jun EH1

Barbra Streisand Great Charisma val ERI2 (ex2)

 Kennel Doctor's Order